Property Tax Appeal Management Software | AppealTrack

Track every step in an appeal with ease and confidence, and calculate appeal savings, expected refunds, and tax savings fast.

AppealTrack supports the entire appeal life cycle, helping to minimize risk and costs, while reducing the time required to perform essential tasks. Manage values, generate appeal forms, track deadlines, monitor tasks, create and store documents, and calculate tax savings—all through a single platform.

How AppealTrack benefits you

  • Saves time in the management of appeals
  • Consolidates appeals and related documents in a single database
  • Improves visibility into case workloads with a centralized calendar function and user task assignments
  • Speeds up the production of appeal forms with batch appeal form printing
  • Produces customized letters and documents with ease
  • Reduces the risk of missed deadlines by improving visibility into appeal deadlines and tasks
  • Increases visibility into property, value, tax, and portfolio trends
  • Shares information with clients easily

AppealTrack solution features

  • Tracks every step in the appeal process
  • Automatically populates jurisdictional appeal forms and prints forms in batch
  • Calculates appeal savings, expected refunds, and contingency fees
  • Manages task assignments for each step in your appeal
  • Tracks hearing dates, appeal deadlines, and other user-defined appeal events
  • Warns users of upcoming events with email alerts and syncs tasks with your Outlook or Google calendar
  • Saves all appeal-related documents in the cloud

How does this help my business?

AppealTrack has helped us optimize our national real estate practice. Data is organized in a way that provides us a clear and up-to-date view of activity, and helps with reminders for appeal and hearing deadlines. The reporting and client portal have really helped us personalize our service to our larger clients, instead of spending time trying to update lots of Excel spreadsheets, AppealTrack lets us focus on delivering service to clients.

Donald L. Lippert, Jr.Grant Thornton

Since we moved to AppealTrack, our team has realized significant time savings and it’s elevated the delivery of our services. This new platform keeps our client data well-organized and provides a more robust set of tools and reporting capabilities. We’re excited about this partnership as we continue to expand our client portfolio.

Suzanne Grimm, PrincipalCresa