AppealTrack+CoreLogic | AppealTrack

No more research: AppealTrack now provides all your annual values.

CSC AppealTrack® has partnered with data provider CoreLogic to seamlessly push current year parcel assessment values into AppealTrack one week after being published. Cancel time-consuming research, tedious data entry, and make the most of your time.

Values delivered directly

  • Request the values you need and let AppealTrack+CoreLogic do the heavy lifting. Get a jump-start on portfolio analysis, maximize your appeal window, and prepare more appeals in less time.
  • Stay coordinated, simplify to-do lists, and automate repetitive tasks using a turnkey appeal platform that provides its users with assessed values, appeal deadlines, assessor’s parcel characteristic data, tax rates, and more.

The value of values

AppealTrack+CoreLogic makes appeal preparation and portfolio research easier.


  • Time savings and boost productivity: Avoid time crunches and minimize time spent researching tax rates, appeal deadlines, and values.
  • Eliminate data entry: Receive values data automatically into your AppealTrack installation when ready.
  • Reprioritize work tasks: Higher priority work can take center stage. Spend your time elsewhere instead of keying values into AppealTrack.

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