Parcel Data Research and Appeals Software | AppealTrack

AppealTrack researches parcel information stored by the assessor, eliminating the need to research and enter parcel data.

When a provider acquires a new customer, many times the provider is given only a property address and parcel number. Providers must therefore research parcel information such as square footage, ownership, legal description, and zoning to ensure proper classification by the assessor, analyze market trends, and determine whether the parcel needs to be appealed. AppealTrack automatically searches for information on your clients’ parcels and compares this data to information provided by the client.

How AppealTrack benefits you

  • Searches assessor databases and provides property and parcel data for you
  • Eliminates the keystrokes required to enter new parcel information
  • Ensures accuracy of classification and size, eliminating overtaxation

AppealTrack solution features

  • Automatically populates data pertaining to the parcel, such as square footage, acreage, parcel owner, property use, legal description, county use codes, and many other fields
  • Compares the information that the assessor has to what you have gathered, ensuring accuracy
  • Allows users to research a single parcel, or multiple parcels at one time
  • Provides assessor data on the import of parcels as a new parcel is entered or as needed for existing parcel records

How does this help my business?

AppealTrack has helped us optimize our national real estate practice. Data is organized in a way that provides us a clear and up-to-date view of activity, and helps with reminders for appeal and hearing deadlines. The reporting and client portal have really helped us personalize our service to our larger clients, instead of spending time trying to update lots of Excel spreadsheets, AppealTrack lets us focus on delivering service to clients.

Donald L. Lippert, Jr.Grant Thornton

Since we moved to AppealTrack, our team has realized significant time savings and it’s elevated the delivery of our services. This new platform keeps our client data well-organized and provides a more robust set of tools and reporting capabilities. We’re excited about this partnership as we continue to expand our client portfolio.

Suzanne Grimm, PrincipalCresa