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A Commercial Property Tax Software Success Story

How AppealTrack adds enormous value to a tax team
SC&H Group, LLC’s tax group had a problem. Despite having a solid team of tax professionals, their consulting work was costing more and more time and depleting their ability to take on new accounts. And as each day passed, the firm’s principals saw their team’s morale drop and productivity slow.

Challenging the Status Quo
SC&H’s State and Local Tax (SALT) service used the same technology many other tax professionals do — a system for (mostly personal) property tax supplemented by Excel spreadsheets and Outlook for communication.

The team built a thriving practice, but it wasn’t without growing pains. It took time to record assessed values, update appeal case files, and create reports. As more and more properties were added to the work queue, customer service times increased.

To compound the challenge, the team’s original database was cumbersome e.g., adding new appeal cases  sometimes took five minutes per property. According to Jeff Glock, SALT team leader at SC&H Group, “If somebody’s reviewing a couple hundred properties, then that’s not just a chunk of time, that’s someone’s weekend.”

SC&H also suffered from a lack of trust in the information they pulled from their system, which led to duplication of efforts in Excel to ensure deadlines wouldn’t be missed. The repetitious process gave the team peace of mind, but it cost the firm additional administration time on each property.

AppealTrack enables the SC&H real estate appeal team to use a single database of record — everyone on the SC&H team, including those in multiple remote offices, can access the cloud-based system.

Appeal dates are updated automatically, eliminating the need to manually them, and now that multiple systems aren’t required to provide checks and balances over the team’s work their duplication of efforts was all but eliminated.

SC&H was operational on the AppealTrack platform within 90 days of their initial decision, something they didn’t think was possible.

The Results
SC&H property tax team’s process is much smoother. “We have much more of the property tax information in AppealTrack. The reporting enables us to get a picture much faster, especially on the fee calculation side,” said Glock.

Without the need for redundant double-checking, SC&H now has a greater deal of accuracy, which frees up staff to work on more appeals, increasing the company’s bottom line and value to the SC&H client base.

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