AppealTrack 2.0 Slated For Release November 22 | AppealTrack

AppealTrack 2.0 Slated For Release November 22

AppealTrack announced today that version 2.0 of its property tax appeal management system will be released November 22nd, 2010.  Version 2.0 will be a web-based service and will streamline the availability of enhanced functionality to its customers, equipping them for long term growth and the ability to expand their practices.

AppealTrack eliminates the need for spreadsheets, paper and electronic documents, as well as the manual consolidation processes needed to produce and track property tax appeals.  Historically property tax professionals have faced many challenges due to the extensive manual processing associated with filing, tracking, and reporting on property tax appeals.  The nature of the work requires significant human resource requirements which can challenge the efficiency and effectiveness of the practice.  AppealTrack provides a centralized point of entry for property and appeal information and also automates the production of appeal forms for the state of Indiana (Form 130 and Form 133).

In addition to reducing operating expenses and providing capacity for exponential growth without adding staff, AppealTrack offers analytical reporting to enable property tax professionals to become more informed on their book of business, profitability, and other key indicators.