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Three Common Phrases Heard During Tax Season

Tax season is known to bring its fair share of long hours at the office and stress over meeting deadlines. Fear of something slipping through the cracks frequently translates into managers asking the same questions over and over—or triple-checking facts in multiple software platforms to ensure accuracy.

Here are some phrases that are frequently heard in property tax offices during tax season—and how AppealTrack can offer solutions.

“Let me check and get back with you…”

It is a frequent occurrence for property tax offices to receive an overwhelming number of calls from clients with inquiries about properties. However, many offices don’t have immediate access to the information they need. Staff members offer a quick, “Let me check and get back with you,” to buy themselves time. Clients are left waiting—often impatiently—for answers.

AppealTrack gives property tax attorneys access to all of the information they need by accessing a universal database with just a few short clicks. It also offers clients read-only access to their account in the portal so they can view maps, reports, and updated information, eliminating some calls to the office.

“Did you do ________?” (Repeat 20x)

Missing a deadline in the property tax world erodes credibility, compromises revenue, and could end in a lawsuit. When information is scattered amongst multiple systems, offices are putting themselves in danger of missing an important date. To prevent such disasters, managers often ask their staff (repeatedly), “Did you do ________?”

With AppealTrack, teams are easily able to collaborate on client portfolios, and managers have visibility into the staff’s current activity. AppealTrack’s simple database empowers offices to be organized, efficient, and systematic, which takes the guessing out of what tasks have—and have not—been completed.  

“I don’t have time to do this invoicing!”

When tax offices are scurrying to meet quickly-approaching deadlines, other office work—like invoicing—can get moved to the back burner. In many offices, sending invoices is a tedious task that requires referencing multiple systems. As bills and tax-related tasks continue to accrue, staff members have been known to exasperatedly say, “I don’t have time to do this invoicing!”

AppealTrack offers automation and clarity to the invoicing process. Account information is centralized and is easily accessible, allowing invoices to be generated readily. And invoicing can be automated, eliminating the risk that an invoice may fall through the cracks.

Do you resonate with these common tax season phrases?

These are just a few examples of how AppealTrack’s software makes the lives of paralegals, attorneys, and property tax professionals easier.

For more information on AppealTrack’s software and how it can alleviate some of your tax season stress, click here.