Upload Your Excel Spreadsheet of Clients and Properties

Upload Your Excel Spreadsheet of Clients and Properties

“Hello, this is AppealTrack Support?”

“Good morning, our firm has a new customer with many properties to add to the software.  We have filled in the Excel template for data import and were wondering if we emailed it today, could you load it for us?”

This is a conversation we have had many times.  Although this process existed and worked well, AppealTrack recognized the need for users to have more control over the timing of their own data imports.

We are now releasing an update to AppealTrack that allows users who have been assigned the ‘data import role’ to load their own data from the User Preferences screen.

The import process includes two steps:  populate the data import Excel template and select the Excel file for loading on the data import screen.

After selecting the file on the import screen, AppealTrack performs: Validation, Verification and Importing.  The file is validated to ensure that required fields are populated and verified to ensure that fields are populated with valid values from your pre-populated drop-down menus.  Importing checks the data in the file you have provided against the data that exists in the system.  The software pauses, prompts the user with a message stating what it getting ready to be imported, and gives the user the selection choice ‘Import Now’ or Cancel.

And there you have it!