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What Are Your Response Times Saying to Your Clients?

“My number is 555-123-4567, thanks much, I’m looking forward to hearing from someone.” Click. Responding to clients as soon as possible has long been considered a best practice in any industry. While quick follow-ups have always been acknowledged as important, they are perhaps more influential than the attention they are currently paid. Responsiveness is no longer a benefit of working with a company; it has become an expectation. A study by Ifbyphone, a voice marketing firm, reported that almost three-quarters (73%) of consumers were more likely to recommend highly-responsive companies.

The pace of modern society is no stranger to the concept of instant gratification and our standards of digital performance now expect a level of immediacy when we need to speak with someone

So — what are your response times saying to your clients? Ideally, they’re communicating that your clients are a priority. Ifbyphone’s survey on client retention revealed that 80% of consumers expressed a desire to leave a company because of poor response times. More simply, customers increasingly view hindrance-free access to support or account management as a basic expectation not to be bungled – and are much less tolerant of businesses that can’t facilitate that exchange efficiently.

Current clients are your most valuable marketing resource, so unsatisfied clients equates to less referrals, which results in lost opportunities. What’s a firm to do? Thankfully, tools for improvement are within reach. Implementing software increases a business’ ability to respond in real-time because information can be retrieved in seconds, simultaneously removing a common workflow interruption and streamlining customer relations. 

AppealTrack’s software offers users instant, cloud-based access to client information, including historical property tax data, jurisdictional contacts, and more. This is just one of many ways that AppealTrack makes the lives of paralegals, attorneys, and property tax professionals easier.