Professional Services for AppealTrack Users

Our Professional Services group supports our client base by working alongside them to maximize their software investment and realize measurable performance improvements.

We offer custom programming services and utilities to enhance the data you manage, report, and interface with our products. We’ll analyze your internal accounting systems and reporting structure to create custom solutions based on your objectives.

Areas of focus

General areas of focus

  • Process review
  • Process design for working with clients and other departments
  • Specialized training
  • Optimization
  • Best practices
  • Designing workflows/custom documentation
  • Reports and queries
  • Special projects
  • Systems integrations

More specific areas of focus

  • New hires working with AppealTrack
  • Clients working with AppealTrack
  • Vendor management
  • Management or process changes
  • Additional reporting needs/customized dashboards

Customizable systems integrations for AppealTrack

Check Requests and Accounts Payable Interfaces

We can program Accounts Payable interfaces and hard copy check requests to meet the data and layout requirements of your Accounts Payable Department. Attention is given to your requirements, ensuring the strength of all internal controls and the security of all data transmissions to and from your accounting systems.

Custom Document Templates

We can create custom invoices, merge letter documents, and email templates, to make mass communications with your clients a breeze. We’ll work with you to design your standard document language, including your logo, and will design the documents to pull fields of your choice from AppealTrack, reducing the time it takes for you to generate the documents you send out often.

Custom Reports

We can create custom reports to address any other company-specific objectives. Examples include weekly docketing reports, activity reports, and automatic status reports to meet your business need.

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